My love for this city extends from my childhood. For more than three decades I have been the beneficiary of this loving community’s support which is underpinned by family values that continue to guide my life. From a small rural area Douglasville has emerged into a bustling hub connected to the world’s busiest airport and major industry. To some, that growth may appear exponential but to those of us who were growing with the city we knew eventually the appeal of the area would attract the best and brightest in the region. I am running for Mayor because I possess the skills that will be required to respond, in real time to the new cadence of the city. I am a successful public servant who, on day one, will enter the office with the most experience managing large budgets ($260M annually, the largest is in our area) and largest number of employees (3,000+). I can uniquely move us forward in a manner that retains our character and charm.

Caldwell For Mayor


Locally owned businesses have been the true backbone of our Nations economy for centuries. 
  • I want to develop a community that embraces & supports locally owned business, while welcoming in other large corporate industries.
  • I will do this by fostering healthy public / private relationships & creating policies that are progressive & competitive to attract new business.


My Time as Vice Chair of the Douglas Co. Board of Education has thought me that development of a strong future is dependent on our investments into the community today.
  • This why as Mayor, I will insure we continue to Provide even more opportunities for the youth to be exposed & educated on different industries & opportunities 
  • By doing this we can work to retain our local homegrown talent & provide competitive wages to our local work force.


I believe the most important attribute of a community leader is their Presences.
  • How can we ever know & understand the needs of the people if we never interact with the people? 
  • That’s why as the next Mayor of the Great City of Douglasville I am committed to SHOWING UP.
  • This means having a True visible presence in the local community & engaging with local community member to understand their need’s & desires for Douglasville.

We can build a better Douglasville together

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